What is the LTP Blog?

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We’ve created the LTP blog to feature projects by students and teachers in Durham, NC as well as the photography and writing projects created across the United States and abroad by educators, artists, and students who have trained in our LTP classes and workshops. We also hope this blog will provide a forum for dialog among our widening audience.

To contribute to the blog, please send an email to Katie Hyde: kahyde@duke.edu. We are interested in learning about the content of your program and the group of people with whom you collaborate. Please send us samples of your students’ or collaborators’ writings, photographs, or videos. We’re also interested in having people share lesson plans or classroom experiences and tips.



3 thoughts on “What is the LTP Blog?

  1. I attended LTP a few years ago and used it in RI with my adult ESL students. I now live in the UK and am wondering if anyone is doing anything with LTP here. Bullying seems a big issue at schools as well as cultural and economic differences. Does anyone have any experience in these areas? Thanks

  2. I’m very glad to have come across your blog. It’s very exciting to see the type of work students can produce using photography and how it can be used as an educational tool.

    I’ve started a blog on kids digital cameras as I see children getting started with photography at younger ages due to the improvements in technology.

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