LTP in Tanzania

In the summer of 2004, two teachers from Tanzania—Pelle Shaibu and Margaret Matarimo—attended a Durham LTP workshop to learn how they could use photography and writing in their classrooms. Their participation was sponsored by Sister Cities of Durham, as part of their cultural and educational exchange program.After experimenting with LTP programs for Tanzanian children, these two teachers and the NGO Friends of Arusha (the Tanzanian counterpart to Sister Cities of Durham) invited LTP to provide training for more teachers in Arusha. With funding from the Trent Foundation at Duke University, as well as Sister Cities of Durham, Wendy Ewald and Katie Hyde traveled to Arusha in 2007 to offer a workshop for 40 local elementary school teachers—one teacher from each school in the district.

Herald Sun Article on LTP Workshop

Arusha Times Article on LTP Workshop

Since the summer of 2008, Duke students have worked alongside LTP staff members to provide further training for Tanzanian teachers. This endeavor is supported by Duke University’s DukeEngage Civic Engagement program. Duke students are paired with primary and secondary schools teachers and co-lead classroom-based photography and writing projects. This collaboration responds to a national call for enhanced active learning and participatory education. Through the eyes of teachers and Tanzanian school children DukeEngage students will explore the relationship between education and local community development. Each summer’s program concludea with a public exhibition of children’s photographs and writing and a community dialogue.

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