28 Days, what have we been up to? a post by Camila Vargas

Camila Blog Post 0

28 days, 7 schools, 3 locations, 8 Duke Students. Since our program and our work here in Arusha is all about Learning Through Pictures and Learning Through Practice (LTP), I decided to create a picture to practice my data visualization skills and to illustrate for you all what we have been up to the past couple of weeks.

Camila Blog Post 1

As you can see in the image, we have been pretty busy: working with both children and teachers in Arusha and outside the city. We have also been students ourselves; taking 2 full weeks to learn some Kiswahili was definitively a great way to get closer to the Tanzanian culture and to the people with whom we work.

Camila Blog Post 2

At Arusha School I am working with 15 kids of different ages on an after school program focused on drawing. We first practiced line, then shading, and this week color (we spent an entire week working on the color wheel!). This process has reminded me of how much I enjoy working with children, it has shown me how fun and important it can be to teach art, and it has taught me that art is a great tool to get a better sense of how a child is developing.

Camila Blog Post 3

Drawing has also played an important role in my personal experience (you can see in the visualization that I have been trying to draw at least twice a week). Illustrating in my small yellow notebook has allowed me to reflect upon my experiences and to record memories in a way that creates meaning. Drawing has been my way of doing LTP at a personal level.

28 days into our program, I have certainly gotten closer to the LTP methodology and have had the chance to see its benefits in practice. I have also had the opportunity to work with enthusiastic teachers, a hard working and wise community partner-Pelle Shaibu, and a great team of tireless Duke students. I am looking forward to what is coming up and to a sustainable relationship with our community partner.

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