Swahili words in pictures and signs

This post features examples from two overlapping LTP projects. In the first, a group of teachers of young children from various schools in Arusha, Tanzania made photographs illustrating the Swahili alphabet. For each letter of the alphabet teachers chose a common Swahili word, directed a photograph capturing the word’s meaning, and designed teaching aids with the prints.

In the second project we shared the teachers’ work with a group of students in Meru Primary School’s special hearing impaired unit. The students decided how to show the sign language version of each word from A for Andika (to write) to Z for Zao (to peel). This is the third  summer we’ve had the chance to work with the hearing impaired students, who are becoming expert at LTP. The words are as follows: U: Uso face; S: Soma to read; T: Tazama to look; B: Banjili bracelet; L: Lala to sleep; D: Darasa classroom; N:Nuna to sleepI: Imba to sing; K: Kofia hat. 


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