more photographs from students in Uhuru Bay, Kenya

“My name is called Peter I come from Muhuru Bay. The main thing which I suggest in this picture is that it is very good for me to see it, because I remember with it how Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane. When I saw this picture I think that I am in heaven. Thirdly I like it because when Jesus was going to the heaven he speak with God through praying. The main thing which I suggest the beach is because our grandfathers were praying on the shores of the lake. There are soft dunes that do not hurt my knees.”
-Photograph and text by Peter Odhiambo

“In fact, the girl in the picture is very beautiful short ten years brown girl. She is loved with everyone because she is happy girl…she is always pretending to fly like a bird to go and stay in the moon or the sun, but she can’t do that because she doesn’t have feathers and as we also know, birds of the same feathers fly together.

She is an educated girl and also planning to be a business girl in the future if God wills.”
-Photograph and text by Queen Elizabeth Moya

“My name is Nicholus Oluoch, I am fourteen years old. I was born in a place called Nyatike district. I was the first born in our home and my mother was very happy when she gave birth to me. I was born during clouding at 9:30 am.”
-Photograph and text by Nicholus Oluoch

“If I would be born a boy, I would be just resting and at home I would not be cooking, watching utensils, fetching water and fetching firewood. I would be a doctor or a pilot. I would be just resting while grazing in the field.

At home from school girls are experiencing hard life when they are married and hard pain when giving birth. But with me I don’t like being a girl because of that pain.

I wish I could be a boy so that I could be one boy in our home. In our house we are just have girls only, so I wish to be a boy so I can help my father at home when my sisters have been married.”
-Photograph by Euphemia Clarah

“I write this picture so that the people from other places could know that in Muhuru Bay there are a lake and in this lake there is many fish. The picture shows the mother who carried her child and selling the fish. And the picture tells us how this people of Muhuru are getting money and how they are suffering so that they can get money. How the mothers are sad because no one has bought their fish. And to show how these people are suffering they are selling their properties in the ground.” -Photograph and text by Susan.

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