Asante!! (Thank You!!)

After another successful summer in Arusha, Tanzania the LTP staff would like to extend many thanks to DukeEngage, the Center for Documentary Studies, Sister Cities of Durham, Friends of Arusha and the Arusha Municipal Education Office for supporting our program.

We’d also like to thank our eight DukeEngage students:

Marissa Bergmann
Rachel Blum
Emily Hadden
Andrew Hibbard
Esther Jeohn
Nick Wiesner
Anne Rhett
Kaitlin Rogers

Their important work helped extend and deepen the LTP program in Tanzania. We trained 130 teachers, led LTP projects with over 1800 Arusha students, and took the program in new directions such as working with a Teachers’ College and designing new secondary-level photography projects related to math and history curricula. Our students made generous contributions to Arusha’s growing Teacher Resource Center, which is essential to the program’s sustainability. They collected cash donations and supplies, including film, cameras, digital paper and printers, construction paper, notebooks, pencils, folders and other art supplies.

The LTP staff would also like to thank the following individuals and families for their generous donations:

–    The families of Nick Wiesner and Rachel Blum

–    Rainer and Carolyn Bergmann
–    Bart and Joni Patton
–    Tamako Izu
–    Jim and Cheryl Izu
–    Kelly and Luke Czabo

–    Helan Kim

–    Ron and Louise Rogers
–    Karen and John Crotty
–    Vera Rogers
–    Peter and Val Rogers
–    Pam and John Preschlack
–    Jennifer and John Murawski
–    Lynn Preschlack
–    Jim and Susan Kauss
–    Mark and Susan Tupper
–    Betty and Mike Bailey
–    Karen and Grant Bogle
–    Dennis and Lisa Nash
–    Ariel Landvick
–    Jim and Leigh Moss
–    Lily Dasso

Finally, we would like to thank all the teachers with whom we worked during June and July,  and especially Pelle Shaibu, who coordinates the LTP Arusha program year round.




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