Take a step back, a reflection by Esther Jeohn

Take a Step Back
It is always interesting to see LTP working in people of all ages, whether it is in teachers or students. We have been working mostly with younger children in primary school, so I was a bit apprehensive as we went into St. Joseph’s Secondary School this week. We decided to work with Form 3, or the equivalent of 9th graders in the United States.

Not only was I apprehensive about the age group, but the subject matter was also a concern. We decided to work with Math and Biology, two subjects in which I had never worked with LTP before. However, we came up with a great idea for Math. The students were learning the basic principles of statistics like mean, median, and mode. Why not make a human frequency graph of the students?

So we decided to make a visual graph of the number of brothers and sisters that the students had. I was designated as the photographer and walked up four flights of stairs to try to fit all the students in. As I stood on the fourth floor and watched Kaitlin, Rachel, and Emily explain to the students about these concepts, I got to see a different perspective from what I usually see. I am usually involved in the teaching, but this time I got to observe what was happening.

The highlight was probably seeing the “click” go off in some students’ heads. I might have mentioned before that this is my favorite part of LTP. But I had never seen it from this angle where I would see students’ heads bobbing up and down as they nodded, showing that they understood the concepts.

St. Joseph’s showed me that first, LTP works at any age, and that second, sometimes you just need to take a step back and observe.

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