“Seeking the Highest,” reflecting on after-school programs, by Esther Jeohn

Throughout the eight weeks that we have been working in Arusha, we have worked with many different schools, students, and teachers. However, the one place that we come back to over and over is Arusha School. Everyday, promptly at 4 o’clock, we make our way over to Arusha School where crowds of students in green sweaters surround us.

“Hello! Hi! How are YOU?” the kids ask us, all at once. There is a feeling of happiness that comes to us from the greetings, even after a long day of work. We make our way into our individual after-school programs. Kaitlin, Rachel, and I have a newspaper class, Anne and Emily have a dancing class, Andrew and Marissa have a singing/a cappella group, and Nick has a film-making class.

In our newspaper class, kids go through paper quickly, writing furiously about their favorite subjects. They also love to draw, spending an hour or two perfecting their sketches. They are extremely dedicated, as 5 o’clock rolls around (the scheduled closing time for the programs) and they are still glued to their seats working.

I’ve been to Anne and Emily’s dance class where the students are so excited that they learn a new dance within a matter of minutes. As they practiced a new dance and most of them had perfected it, a girl called out “Teacher! A new dance! Teach us a new one!”

These students truly take their school’s motto to heart – “Seeking the Highest”. Whatever task we give them to do, they do it, and don’t give up.

After school dance class led by Anne and Emily.

After school dance class led by Anne and Emily.

After School Games

Arusha School games-Nick

Arusha School games 2-Nick

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