A reflection on the LTP process, Kaitlin Rogers


The week Andrew, Esther, Rachel, and I spent working at Shalom Primary School has been my favorite week here so far. We were lucky to work with two teachers, Patrick and Katherine, who not only have a great enthusiasm for LTP but also an incredible understanding of the program and its goals and values. I love the above photo because of the moment that it captures. We were working with Katherine and a standard 4 class, and as we explained the importance of expression in photographs, a hilarious and fun exercise spontaneously ensued. We excitedly stated various scenarios and on the count of three the students reacted to the given situation. Until this point the class had been reserved and timid, so as we announced the first scenario I wasn’t sure how they would respond. Katherine, however, led the group by gasping loudly, throwing up her arms, and practically jumping out of her chair. The students erupted in laughter and immediately warmed up to the game. I believe this photo shows the response to having a lion jump out at you from around the corner. I was particularly thrilled with this lesson because we often wonder whether the students understand what we are trying to communicate, and here we could tell that we were successfully getting the point across. It also really broke the ice and got the children thinking creatively, which in turn positively influenced their photographs.

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