LTP November Workshop 2008 Community Alphabet


Community Alphabet PDF

A community visual alphabet
In November a group of 16 artists and educators from North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, DC, California and New York attended a two-day LTP workshop. One activity involved creating a visual alphabet about the concept of community.

We divided everyone into four groups, and assigned each group a portion of the alphabet.  Within their groups, individuals discussed their definitions of community and memories associated with place, as well as stories about the contemporary communities they are part of.

Each group came up with a list of community-themed words associated with their assigned letters.  From the list they chose just one word for each letter and set out with Polaroid cameras to make visual representations of the words.

After shooting, we asked that each group select their favorite photograph of each letter/word (they shot several pictures of each word) and then display the alphabet on the wall. Once everyone had taken a look, we asked people to choose one image to write about in the form of a memory, a definition, a story, an association, or a poem.

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