Thank you! (Asante Sana!)

(Left to Right) Katie Hyde, Alia Kamal, Kaitlin Rogers, Minette Yao, Baldeep Pabla, Michelle Fang, Elena Rue, Lindsay Kunkle, Hillary Robbins, Ami Kabadi

(Left to Right) Katie Hyde, Alia Kamal, Kaitlin Rogers, Minette Yao, Baldeep Pabla, Michelle Fang, Elena Rue, Lindsay Kunkle, Hillary Robbins, Ami Kabadi

As the summer wraps up, we would like to thank DukeEngage, the Center for Documentary Studies, Sister Cities of Durham, and Friends of Arusha for supporting our program in Tanzania. We’d also like to thank our DukeEngage students for their impressive service work, which involved collaborating with over 600 Arusha students and 45 classroom teachers.

Our DukeEngage students did a wonderful job of gathering support from friends and family. They raised over $3000 in cash donations and supplies, including film, cameras, digital printers, notebook paper, pencils, folders and art supplies.

Some of these supplies were used in after-school art and writing projects designed and run by Duke students. The contributions also went toward making the LTP Arusha Classroom Booklet (see previous post)—a how-to guide that features examples from projects carried out by Duke students. Finally, the contributions will provide participating teachers with the necessary materials to continue using LTP in their classrooms during the next school year.

The LTP staff would like to thank the following individuals for their generous donations:

Peter Rogers and Val Crotly
Karen and John Crotly
Vera Barbara Rogers
Jennifer and John Murawski
Pam and John Preschlack
Ronald and Louise Rogers
Helen Anderson
Karen and Grant Bogle
Paula and Jim Preschlack
Lynn and Jack Preschlack
Deborah Zare

Shaiful Islam

John and Holly Robbins
Teresa and Don Cline
Kathy, Cara, and Fred Heaton
Todd Woerner
Jess Nicholson
Yongho Park
Frank and Louise Ferry
Steve Robbins Sr.
Peggy Robbins
Hank and Louise Hiner
Doug and Wendy Robbins
John and Patty Bauchman
Emily Robbins
Brandon Gaesser
Becky Veazey

Kim, Cindy, and Kyle Kunkle
Mei and J.C. Yao

One thought on “Thank you! (Asante Sana!)

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