LTP Arusha Booklet

LTP Arusha Booklet PDF

One of the goals of the 2008 LTP Arusha program was to create a how-to manual for Tanzanian teachers. It contains examples from all the wonderful work done by Arusha and DukeEngage students to show how it has worked in classes thus far and how it is applicable to their curriculum. Before we left Arusha we printed several copies of the booklet to give to teachers and keep in the LTP Teacher Resource Center.

2 thoughts on “LTP Arusha Booklet

  1. Thanks for posting this booklet! I’ve been working afterschool in a community center on Fridays with young kids (you can imagine the challenges). We went on a particularly intense field trip last week – some moments unimaginably good, others very bad. I’ve been trying to figure out a way of talking with the kids about the day – focusing on the good while working towards improving the bad. I was thinking about a chart and stickers…etc. But now, because of this post, I have a new idea: a good day/bad day LTP project!!! I’ve roughly sketched out a plan:
    Read stories about kids having good days and bad days and make two-color embroidery thread bracelets: one color kids “see” on good days and another color kids “see” on bad days;
    talk about the good moments and bad moments of our field trip; children draw pictures of their own good day and bad day;
    take photos based on drawings;
    write a story about the photos;

    I’m hoping this activity will help build trust; help kids separate feelings about themselves from feelings about their days; help kids take more control over their feelings and behavior; inspire their self expression.

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