Arusha, Tanzania LTP Workshop

Last week 7 Duke students and 8 Arusha primary school teachers participated in a three-day workshop at Arusha School. The students and teachers worked together on photography and writing assignments and planned how they will use these assignments in Arusha classrooms. They made self-portraits, as well as photographs about their dreams. The participants also made visual alphabets about core school subjects of math, science and geography. For example, they photographed leaves falling to the ground to show that G stands for Gravity.

A dream about being rich
–Fabian Martin

The bus had gone with all my properties which are clothes, money, etc. I was in Korogwe bus stand from Dar-es-Salam to Arusha.
How can I reach Arusha?
I don’t have any money to buy another ticket.
I sat down under the tree and then what to do.
From there I woke up.
–Lloyd Lazier

It was Sunday in the afternoon. I was walking in my farm just to check if the labourers had done what I told them to do. When I reached a certain tree suddenly I saw a big snake in front of me. When I took a stick to hit a snake, I saw another big snake on my back ready to attack me. Then the dream is over.
–Zebedayo Molelo

Self Portraits

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