Spotlight: The Pipeline Project

The Pipeline Project

The Pipeline Project, housed at the University of Washington, is a K-12 outreach program that connects undergraduate students with local and regional schools and community organizations through tutoring and mentoring. UW Students enroll in a two- quarter seminar that allows them to explore the themes and practices of LTP while beginning to tutor in the K-12 classroom.

They introduce their students to LTP by familiarizing them with cameras and the themes of framing, content, lighting and props. The children then create written and visual images that represent their ideas of self, family, community and dreams.

These seminars have been offer for two quarters of each academic year since Autumn 2003. Since that time there have been 85 undergraduates who have participated and hundreds of elementary students.

Student work from the Pipeline Project can be viewed on or Google Video.

Christine Stickler, Director of The Pipeline Project, attended a LTP workshop at the Center for Documentary Studies in 2003 and has been using LTP ever since. She can be contacted via email:

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